Let us do the work for you. We create, manage & host forms. No initial fees. You only pay per form submitted by your client.

  1. Your client form completion requests are created and managed easily.
  2. Easy management of clients. Browse client list for completion status. Filter by Due date.
  3. Create anonymous form links.
  4. No need to create or manage forms - forms are created and changed to suit your needs.
  5. Online forms easily accessible - no need to scan, fax or email forms.
  6. Forms are easy accessible on any device - computer, phone and tablet.
  7. Link other website web forms to EN Forms. When other web site web form is completed an email can be send to the person that completed the web form. Multiple emails can be setup for conditional replies.
  8. Not platform - dependent, works on any browser – no worries about operating system.
  9. Easy to complete - prior computer knowledge not necessary.
  10. Can be completed anywhere - at comfort of home, office, school.
  11. Completed and submitted on internet, individuals complete the forms and submit them.
  12. Results can be exported in seconds.
  13. You only pay per form submitted by your client, so you can build the price into your clients fees.
  14. No initial cost, additional or subscription fees.

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