Can I save my answers and finish the form later?
Yes, if you need to close your browser and you are not completed with the form, you can continue it at any time. Please also note that the progress on each page will only be saved when the "Next" button is clicked. When you click on your email link, you will be able to see the answers completed and resume your form.

I completed the form but when I open the link again the form is empty?
On the last page if you pressed on the submit button then the form is complete. The service provider received your form and will be able to see your answers. If you open the link after that, you are getting a new form and you are completing the form for a second time. On request the form can be opened to review your answers.

How is my name link to form?
You received an unique Invite ID when the email was sent to you. This unique Invite Id link your name to the form. Because of this your service provider will know who completed the form.

What if I need help?
If you have difficulty opening any of these links or completing the forms, please contact us. We will respond to your email as soon as possible.

Do I have to answer every question?
All compulsory questions need to be answered or you can't continue.

Error "Please fill in the text field"
Please check if all the questions are completed. If not all the questions are completed on that page, you will not be able to continue to the next page.

Can I see all of the form questions before I answer them?
No, because the questions is compulsory. You will not be able to continue to the next page if not all the questions are completed on that page.

My form "freeze" while I was busy completing it?
Most properly it was due to an internet connection lost. Close your browser. Open your email link again, you will be able to complete your form where last you clicked the "Next" button.

Who will be able to see the answers?
Only the person or organization that provided the link to you has an username and password giving him access to your answers. For more information see our privacy policy.

Why am I getting a message "Our forms require javascript. Please enable javascript in your browser ...."
You'll need javascript to experience our services. Go to this link for directions to enable javascript. If you still receive the message afterwards, the javascript may be blocked by your company. Try completing the form at home or request a sms link here to complete the form on your cell phone.

Why am I getting a message "Our forms have known compatibility problems with Internet Explorer browsers. If you experience problems, please try another browser."
If you get this message and the start button doesn't open the form. Please use another browser.