The last changes report was long ago, so theres lots of changes to be shared.

Lots of new features were added in the period. The new Features did not stop the user interface to be improved also. Find below a list of the noteworthy changes.

  1. An upgraded date time picker was added. Improving the experience adding the due date for the user.The user management features menu was improved, it will be easier to reach the data you are looking for.
  2. A new user / client field were added. Status of the user / client. Example the client form is "New" or "Completed". You can add your own status fields to choose from.
  3. Improvement when sending an reminder email or SMS you are able to include the links to the forms that the user needs to complete. It will automatically remove the forms already completed so the client is not confused.
  4. Email or SMS template constants added. You can include the Due Date or the Client / User Group into the email template.
  5. Language selection was added to the EMail template. It is used for the Date format of the Due Date constant. The Date format are set per ENForms account.
  6. When the Client / User complete his / her form, an option was added for the Client / User to be able to download his / her individual result on completion of the form.
  7. On form completion the ENForms account holder can add the URL to there own site as home on the form completion template.
  8. Custom result / report functionality were further improved.
  9. A new user / client field were added. You can now link 2 user / client accounts together. Example if a Husband and Wife needs to complete a form you can link the 2 users / clients.
  10. Support for Internet Explorer was stopped. Changes on the Internet Explorer side are giving problems on form completion. And because Internet explorer is near end of life we decided to stop supporting the browser. If you have problems switch to another browser.

Let us know if you experience problems.